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XO Shared Membership is the most accessible option available to fly private by the seat. Save on Shared Flights.

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What You Get

  • Save with a waived non-Member fee of $395 per seat on every XO Shared Flight or on shared charter flights to any destination. With the purchase of just two seats per year, your XO Shared Membership will pay for itself.
  • The non-Member fee waiver may be used to discount the seat for a guest, or an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) or a Service Animal (SA) weighing more than the limit listed on your booking.
  • The XO Shared Membership also offers improved cancellation terms for all XO Shared Flights, including no penalty when canceling within 14 days from the date and local time of the departure. Frequent shared flyers can reduce their no-penalty window to as little as 72 hours when spending more than $75,000 annually.
If you fly frequently and book private charters, consider joining XO Reserve Membership or XO Membership. Both include charter benefits, as well as more Shared Flight advantages, including the ability to fly unaccompanied guests and book additional seats without paying non-Member fees.

Get Your XO Shared Membership

XO Shared Membership fee per year
Till 16 Jul 2025
Total cost$595
XO is a Part 295 air charter broker and acts as a principal in buying and reselling seats on Shared Flights. It is not an air carrier and does not operate any aircraft. All Shared Flights are XO Global LLC Public Charters organized under 14 CFR 380 and will be operated by properly licensed air carriers. Shared Flights are subject to XO’s Public Charter Operator Participant Agreement and Terms of Use available at www.flyxo.com/legal/. XO is registered with the State of Florida as a Seller of Travel. Registration No. ST42114.