Addison Airport

Addison Airport, also known as ADS, is a public airport in Dallas County, Texas. It has one runway (7,200 feet long) and covers 368 acres.

Airport history

Addison Airport was established in 1957 by a group of Dallas businessmen, with its primary focus being to serve the needs of business aviation. Press releases deemed it a "haven for the exclusive flyer." The site was selected due to its proximity to owners of private aircraft, most of whom lived in or near North Dallas. The original runway was only 4,500 feet, sufficient for the business jets popular at the time but not long enough to accommodate the small private jets that were becoming increasingly popular. As such, the runway was extended to its current length. In the 1970's several small airports closer to downtown Dallas were closed due to the increase in development. Fearing a similar fate for Addison, the FAA contacted the city of Addison with a proposal to acquire the airport and become its sponsor. The town agreed and, with the help of a generous FAA grant covering 90% of the 8$ million purchase fee, became the sponsor of the airport, thus securing its future.

Airport location

The airport is located 14 miles north of downtown Dallas in Addison in Dallas County, Texas. It is 9 miles south of Legacy/Plano/Frisco, 13 miles east of Las Colinas/Irving, and 12 miles west of Richardson Telecom Corridor. 

Airport facts

  • The airport is a hub for Ameristar Air Cargo, Ameristar Jet Charter, Flight Express, GTA Air, and Martinaire. 
  • There are currently three fixed base operators: Atlantic Aviation, Landmark Aviation, and Million Air. 
  • Charter services are available from a variety of companies. 
  • In 2015, it had 96,476 aircraft operations: 93% general aviation, 7% air taxi, and the remainder airline and military operations. 
  • The airport also serves as a training hub, with primary to advanced flight instruction. 
  • In 1999, the Addison Airport Toll Tunnel was completed, with east-west automobile traffic able to cross directly beneath the runway.
  • There are currently 650 aircraft based in the airport.

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