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XO 101

XO is part of Vista — the world’s first private aviation ecosystem, integrating a unique portfolio of companies offering asset free solutions to cover all key aspects of business aviation.

XO gives you two  ways to fly :

XO private charter  — XO offers whole aircraft private charter flights across the globe, with the option to sell extra seats to fellow flyers.

Seats on private jets  —  Don’t need the whole aircraft? You can book individual seats on existing shared flights or create your own crowdfunded flights on private jets.

Yes, anyone that passes a background screening and ID verification can “Buy as you fly” and purchase XO flights. Non-members have access to competitive market rates on individual seats, as well as flight creation. However, exclusive access to the Vista Members' fleet during peak season travel, better charter terms on the Vista Members' fleet, significant seat discounts, events, as well as access to member-exclusive events, and luxury lifestyle benefits are exclusive to members only .

At this time, XO only accepts wire, ACH, or credit card transactions. We proudly accept Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, and Discover. We are not currently accepting Apple Pay, PayPal, or cryptocurrency transactions.

We offer 24/7 support with our account management team, as well as aviation experts in your region. Please check out our contact page to get in touch.

We are always hiring talented and customer-obsessed professionals all over the globe. Vista Global Holding, XO’s parent company, proudly employs 4,000+ professionals of 60+ nationalities. To find opportunities that may suit you, please go to our Careers page.

Yes! XO offers an Apple iOS and Android mobile app for flight booking, trip management, and communication. To download and learn more, please go to our mobile app page here or search XO in your App Store.

Flying with XO

Private Flights: Our members experience better booking, cancellation, and flight rewards for flying on the Vista Members' fleet of 300+ aircraft spread across the globe, but there are no limits to the additional 2,100+ safety-vetted aircraft in the XO alliance fleet. Members are also enabled to book whole aircraft private charter flights across the globe, with the option to sell extra seats to fellow flyers at prices set by the creator. Learn more about the different XO memberships we offer.

Seats on private jets: XO offers its customers a unique flying solution between commercial first-class and private charters by offering the ability to buy individual seats on private jets for select routes.

Choose any approved aircraft on demand for where and when you want to fly outside of 24 hours via our mobile app or website. Flights marked as “Instant Booking” are fully confirmed and backed by XO’s service guarantee. If you wish to book with the help of one of our aviation experts, you may also do that by phone or email. Private flights include all the premium benefits of traditional charters, but with the added perks of the speed and ease of our digital booking process, our very competitive prices, and best-in-class flight support.

Much like a private flight, you can create shared flights worldwide on select routes, tailored to your exact requirements. Simply search your desired route, select the airports you’d like to utilize in the region, time of departure, and then the amount of seats you need or would like to buy to guarantee the flight. We place a $1 hold on your payment method until the flight is guaranteed or times out 72 hours before departure. You’re able to cancel at any time prior to the flight guaranteeing through your My Trips section. Once the flight is guaranteed, it becomes non-refundable.

Once you purchase the minimum seat requirement, then the flight is always guaranteed. You will notice a color change on the booking screen when the minimum number of seats is met. If you would like to book less than the minimum, you risk nothing by creating a shared flight as we only charge you once the minimum seat bookings are met. You can confirm the flight by booking all of the seats if you wish, or you can just wait until they are filled by others. Either way, the flight is only confirmed when the minimum required number of seats is filled.

Find individual seats on private jets on our website or in the mobile app and book instantly. After booking, you will receive a preliminary itinerary and a catering menu based on how far in advance you book your flight. A seat assignment, tail number, and FBO information are provided on the final itinerary, which is given the day prior to departure.

Private Flights: Every aircraft has a luggage compartment which varies for each mission. For example, the Citation Ultras in the Vista Members' fleet can carry far less luggage for a much shorter flight time than the Citation X in the Vista Members' fleet.

Seats on private jets: Each seat purchased on a shared flight is allowed one piece of luggage that weighs up to 50 pounds, which is stored in the luggage compartment, and one personal item such as a briefcase, purse, or backpack, which is to remain under your seat.

For Private Charter Flights: XO welcomes pets aboard the Vista Members' fleet. For their safety, pets above 25 lbs. must be leashed to a captain’s chair for takeoff and landing.  

Your XO Client Services team will always endeavor to accommodate all your flight preferences, including pet needs. We cannot guarantee a specific pet policy for aircraft outside of the Vista Members’ fleet but will make every effort to provide the perfect plane for you and your passengers for every flight.

For Shared Flights: XO welcomes Emotional Support Animals (ESA) and Service Dogs (SD) aboard shared flights.  

When flying with your ESA or SD, you must provide the name, breed, and weight of the animal at least 48 hours prior to the date and local time of departure with an up-to-date letter written by a licensed medical professional dated within one year of your scheduled departure date. To meet safety regulations, animals weighing above 25 lbs. are required to occupy their own seat. Please contact us with any questions. 

XO Memberships

XO has three levels of membership, designed to be ideal for every type of private jet customer. However, you do not have to be a member to use our mobile app or have access to our on demand charter fleet. You can always book as a “Buy as you fly” traveler. However, guaranteed flight availability, key seat-sharing features, seat discounts, events, and other benefits are exclusive to members only.

Once you download the mobile app, an aviation expert will reach out to answer any questions and walk you through membership options. You can also reach our team day or night by calling  +1-888-843-9006 .

We do not subscribe to the inflexible business models of fractional ownership. Across our membership categories, the XO community enjoys the freedom to fly outside the usual constraints with the same level of guaranteed service. We also do not operate using a fractional ownership program. Fractional owners share in the ownership of an aircraft – a depreciating asset. They are responsible for the acquisition fee, monthly management fees, occupied hourly fees, and additional fees, including fuel, tax surcharge, and international fees.