Frequently Asked Questions

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XO was created by leveraging the power of JetSmarter’s ground-breaking innovation and technology and combining it with XOJET, one of the largest and most well-respected private aviation companies in North America. The integration of the two has resulted in an innovative alternative to the dated and overpriced services offered in private aviation today; all while challenging the commercial aviation industry through competitive pricing and an unparalleled flight experience.

XO gives you three ways to fly:

XO Private Charter — The fastest way to start flying XO, we offer instant booking capability with best market pricing for charter flights across the globe.

XO Shared Charter — Only XO offers members the unique ability to offset the cost of a charter by sharing the seats they do not need. You create the charter and get flight credits when anyone purchases your extra seats.

Fly by Seat — Don’t need the whole aircraft? If you are ok with sharing, sell seats on your charter flights or book a seat on an existing flight.

Yes, anyone that passes a background screening and ID verification can “pay as you go” and purchase XO flights. Non-members have access to competitive market rates on individual seats, as well as flight creation. However, significant seat discounts, events, as well as access to member-exclusive events, 24/7 concierge and luxury lifestyle benefits are exclusive to members only.

Experience our broad range of superior aircraft powered by our group’s multi-billion-dollar fleet of 160 owned aircraft, and 2,100 partner operator aircraft.

Choose any aircraft and where and when you want to fly, then book via our app or website. Flights marked as “Instant Bookings” are fully confirmed and backed by XO’s service guarantee. If you wish to book with the help of our dedicated aviation advisors, you may also do that by phone or email. Private flights include all the premium benefits of traditional charters, but with the added perks of the speed and ease of our digital booking process, our very competitive prices, and best-in-class flight support.

Find individual seats on existing shared flights on our website or in the app and book instantly.

Much like a private flight, you can create shared flights worldwide, tailored to your exact requirements. Select the number of seats you need and save thousands by sharing the extra seats with fellow fliers.

Yes, As long as you purchase the minimum seat requirement, then it is always guaranteed. If you would like to book less than the minimum, you risk nothing by creating a shared flight as we only charge you once the minimum seat bookings are met. You can confirm the flight by booking all of the seats if you wish, or you can just wait until they are filled by others. Either way, the flight is only confirmed when the minimum required number of seats are filled.

XO has three levels of membership , designed to be ideal for every type of private jet customer. However, you do not have to be a member to use our app or have access to our On Demand Charter fleet. You can always book as a “pay as you go” traveler.

However, guaranteed flight availability, key seat sharing features, seat discounts, events, concierge services, and other benefits are exclusive to members only.

Once you download the app, an Aviation Advisor will reach out to answer any questions and walk you through membership options. You can also reach our team 24/7 by calling +1 888 80 FLY XO.

While we do not offer a specific “corporate membership” our flagship membership program, Signature Access is ideal for business flyers. It utilizes the best of On Demand services as a smart, efficient solution for those with more than 25 hours of flying needs each year. And since one of the benefits of Signature Access is the ability to book seats on shared flights for unaccompanied non-members, it is great for businesses.

We do not subscribe to the inflexible business models of fractional ownership or traditional jet cards. Across our membership categories, the XO community enjoys the freedom to fly outside the usual jet card constraints, with the same level of guaranteed service. We also do not operate using a fractional ownership program. Fractional owners share in the ownership of an aircraft – a depreciating asset. They are responsible for the acquisition fee, monthly management fees, occupied hourly fees, and additional fees; including fuel, tax surcharge, and international fees.