Private Jet Cost

How much does a private jet cost?

Private air travel offers ultimate comfort and convenience, enhanced productivity, privacy, and security. There are many options to travel on private aircraft — you can buy your own private jet, charter an entire aircraft, or buy individual seats on a private flight. Purchasing your own aircraft involves a multitude of expenses that can quickly add up — crew, maintenance fuel and repairs for example. You might find that chartering is the right choice. 

When you consider everything that comes with flying commercial – long security lines, flight delays, crowded cabins, limited food options, and the long wait at baggage claim, it’s no surprise that some frequent flyers opt to purchase their own aircraft. However, a new private jet can run anywhere from $3 million to $90 million. 

You’ll also pay for maintenance, insurance, hangar fees, jet fuel, and crew, which could quickly soar to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. After all the expense, your investment could often be sitting on the tarmac depreciating in value. Private jet ownership can offer you greater value and benefits.

To control costs, private flyers can choose an on-demand, asset-light, no-commitment private charter solution through XO. Whether you’re an occasional flyer or travel frequently, XO meets every type of private aviation need. An XO membership program offering benefits to charter private jets and book individual seats on private jets may be your best option.