Ways You Can Fly Aboard XO

A Centralized Platform for All Your Aviation Needs

XO revolutionizes the way all customers access private aviation. XO has created a leading digital platform where anyone can use our mobile app or website anytime to check our guaranteed pricing across a range of aircraft and global routes, with the ability to book private flights instantly.

With XO, there are two ways to fly

XO Private Charter

XO offers whole aircraft private charter flights across the globe, with the option to sell extra seats to fellow flyers. Whether booking online, on the mobile app, or with your dedicated Aviation Advisor, chartering the perfect jet for your mission has never been more seamless.

Create a Private Flight

Seats on Private Jets

Don’t need the whole aircraft? You can book individual seats on existing shared flights or create your own crowdfunded flights on private jets. Only XO offers our unique sharing model. Simply search our mobile app or website for shared flights for where you want to go and when you want to fly. Book your seat and experience the perks of flying private for less than you ever thought possible. Shared flights are easy to create and free to join.

Book a Seat

Two ways to buy

  • RISE

  • SelectACCESSTM

  • SignatureACCESSTM

Memberships with XO

XO Private Jet Memberships give customers significant benefits over non-members. Choose from four memberships designed to improve your travel experience. Our membership programs serve all flyers, from occasional flyers to those traveling more regularly. XO RISE, Select Access, Signature Access, and Elite Access offer customized solutions however you fly. Enjoy significant flight discounts, priority access, heightened benefits, and flight rewards.

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Buy as you fly

No commitment. Simply search and book flights at non-member rates. Think of it as an à la carte menu that you can purchase any time you like.

Book a flight