Westchester County Airport

Westchester County Airport is a county-owned airport. The airport community offers a diverse mixture of commercial, business, and private aviation services. Responding to the needs of its surrounding communities and its unique location, the airport has been a pioneer in the management of its environmental impacts caused by aviation operations.

Airport history

Built in 1942 during World War II to serve as a home to an Air National Guard unit to protect Manhattan and Rye Lake. In 1949, American Airlines was the first airline to schedule flights there. Major airlines that previously served the airport include American Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Republic Airlines, United Airlines, and USAir. JetBlue began service at the airport in 2007 and is now the airport's largest carrier, with 11 daily round trips to five Florida destinations. In June 2009, Cape Air commenced service to Westchester with flights to Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard. Several capital projects are planned for the future, including a new US Customs and Border Protection facility and a new ARFF Station.

Airport location

Conveniently located just five miles east of White Plains and approximately 30 miles north of Manhattan, in Westchester County. Connections at major hubs now make it possible for passengers to access global destinations.

Airport facts

● In an effort to reduce the noise levels created by aircraft operations, HPN voluntarily maintains a noise abatement program at the airport. 

● In 2012, approximately 1.75 million passengers passed through the main terminal to travel to US destinations.

● The airport has adopted an Air Emissions Inventory Management Plan, which is intended to guide the airport in the maintenance and compilation of its air emissions inventory. 

● In 2012, the airport had approximately 161,109 total aircraft operations. Total aircraft operations for 2012 were comprised of approximately 20% commercial, 46%corporate, and 34% light general aviation.