East Hampton Airport

East Hampton Airport is a public use airport that is owned and operated by the Town of East Hampton. It is listed in the National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems for 2011–2015 and is categorized it as a general aviation facility. The airport serves private pilots, charter flights, commercial businesses and seasonal travelers.

Airport history

East Hampton Airport was constructed in 1936 with three runways, the primary one being Runway 10-28. It's this runway that handles the majority of air traffic. It is the facility's largest runway, providing pilots with more navigational measures and equipment Additionally, this is the only runway with an FAA-approved straight-in instrument approach procedure for use by pilots as they make their approaches during inclement weather conditions. In 1989, East Hampton put aside $400,000 to build a larger, 4,000-square-foot airport terminal and in 1994 the East Hampton Airport Terminal Area was built. It consisted of the terminal building and its adjacent 60,000-square-foot aircraft parking apron. The original three-runway configuration still exists today with the exception of a few modifications to the runway pavement and dimensional characteristics. For the past 70 years, the airport has adapted to industry modernization and accommodated many new generations of aircraft.

Airport location

KHTO is located in Wainscott, New York, west of the Village of East Hampton. 

Airport facts

● KHTO consists of 610 acres, which include the 56.166 acres of East Hampton
Industrial Park. 

● The airport's aviation uses include 13 hangars, four buildings, and nine vacant parcels.

● In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Trump Air provided regularly scheduled helicopter service; the last scheduled fixed-wing airline was East Hampton Airlines, which now offers chartered service.

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