Monterey Regional Airport

Monterey Regional Airport, or MRY, is a public airport in Monterey County, California. It is owned by the municipalities that make up the Monterey Peninsula Airport District. Allegiant Air is the only airline serving MRY with mainline jets. The airport covers 496 acres and has two runways: 10R/28L, which is 7,175 by 150 feet (asphalt), and 10L/28R, which is 3,503 by 60 feet (asphalt).

Airport history

MRY originated in 1910 in flights taking off from the Hotel de Monte polo field. In 1931 the Monterey Peninsula Airport District was formed, and the land was acquired to build an airport. It was completed in 1936, although Pacific Seaboard Airlines had already begun flights in 1933. United Airlines also began servicing Monterey in the 30s, which continued until 2001. This came to pass. However, WWII broke out, and the airport was leased by the US Navy, which set up base as the Naval Auxiliary Air Station on the 23rd of May, 1943, remaining there until 1973, well past the culmination of the war. Over the years, MRY was serviced by several other airlines (besides those mentioned above), including Pacific Air Lines, Hughes Airwest, USAir, Golden Gate Airlines (which was based in Monterey), and others. It was renamed Monterey Regional Airport on September 14th, 2011.

Airport location

The airport is three miles southeast of Monterey. 

Airport facts

  • Woody's Restaurant and Bar, a local favorite, has a restaurant at MRY focusing on locally sourced produce, fish, and more. Diners can enjoy views of Monterey Bay and the runways. Once one clears security, there is also a Woody's Cockpit Snack Shop and Bar. 
  • Once one clears security, there is a gift shop with chocolate, coffee, and honey, all of which the locals cherish. * The airport has multiple storage options, including RV storage.

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