Teterboro Airport

Teterboro Airport is a general aviation relief airport in the boroughs of Teterboro, Moonachie, and Hasbrouck Heights in Bergen County, New Jersey. It is owned and managed by the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey and operated by AFCO AvPORTS Management.

Airport history

Teterboro Airport is the oldest operating airport in the New York area, with the land that it is built on acquired in 1917. After World War I, the airport functioned as a base of operations for Anthony Fokker, the famed Dutch aircraft designer. In 1919, the first flight from the present airport site was made. During World War II, the airport was operated by the US Army. Then, in April 1949, the Port Authorirty of New York & New Jersey purchased it and later on leased it to Pan American World Airways for 30 years, and then assumed full responsibility of the airport in December 2000.

Airport location

Just 12 miles from midtown Manhattan, in Teterboro, New Jersey.

Airport facts

Teterboro consists of 827 acres. 90 acres are designated to aircraft hangars, maintenance, and office facilities, while 408 acres are for aeronautical use, and 329 acres remain undeveloped. 

● 23 hangars on the airport take up a total area of approximately 572,000 square feet. 

The airport has an operations building, maintenance facility, and three fuel farms. 

Approximately 4.2 miles of taxiways exist at the airport. Most are 60 feet wide, and many are equipped with centerline lights and edge lighting systems.

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