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Merchant Logo Geneva Airport serves as Geneva's international airport. The airport is a major hub for Swiss International Air Lines and easyJet Switzerland.

Airport history

In 1919, an airfield was established in Cointrin, near Geneva, covering 130 acres. From 1926 to 1931, the wooden sheds on the grounds were replaced with three concrete hangars. At the time, there was a small amount of air traffic, with Lufthansa flying from Berlin to Barcelona via Halle, Leipzig, Geneva, and Marseille. By 1930, there were six airlines flying to Geneva Airport on seven different routes. Then in 1937, construction began on the airfield's first concrete runway, measuring 1,329' x 69'. The following year, eight airlines were flying to Geneva: Swissair, KLM, Lufthansa, Air France, Malert, AB Aerotransport, Alpar, and Imperial Airways. During World War II, the Swiss authorities forbade all flights leaving from Switzerland, but an expansion project led the airport to increase to 230 acres and the main runway was extended to 3,280' x 160'. The runway was further extended another 660 feet as the war drew to a close. A 2.3M Swiss Francs project was agreed upon in order to build a first terminal in Geneva and in 1946 the new terminal was operational, and the runway was once more made larger to 2000 m. In 1947, the first service to New York began. On July 17, 1959, the first jet aircraft landed in Geneva, and it was followed by a TWA Boeing 747, 11 years later, in 1970. In 1960, the runway was extended again to its current length of 12,800 feet. On May 7, 1968, Geneva Main Terminal was inaugurated, which was planned to handle 7 million passengers annually, a total that was reached in 1985. In 1987, Geneva Airport was linked to the Swiss rail system, with a new station built near the main terminal.

Airport location

The airport is located 2.5 miles northwest of Geneva's city centre. The airport is entirely within Swiss territory, however, its northern limit runs along the Swiss–French border and the airport can be accessed from both countries. 

Airport facts

● LSGG has two passenger terminals: the newer and larger Terminal 1, featuring the majority of flights, and the smaller Terminal 2, which mainly operates seasonally. It also has a Business Aviation Terminal, also known as Terminal 3. 

● The airport features a route network of flights mainly to European metropolitan and leisure destinations, as well as some long-haul routes to North America, China, and the Middle East. 

● Geneva International Airport hosts an office of the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

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