10 Music videos filmed on private jets

Celebrities are known for their five-star treatment, which often includes traveling on a private jet to concerts or appearances. In music videos, several musicians make it a point to look the part by filming on a private jet. Between Britney Spears to Chris Brown, singers and bands can’t seem to stray from the luxury planes.

The Backstreet Boys may no longer be a boy band, but when they were at the top of the charts they were known for dancing in front of a Boeing 727-200 for a video that exuded a smooth and masculine mood.

In her video, Glamorous, Fergie is seen sipping champagne in a gold dress, showing off a regal lifestyle that includes white furnishings for a chic way to travel.

Chris Brown can be seen rapping about the struggles of his life while traveling alone in a private jet for How I Feel.

As a pop singer, Britney Spears added edge to her image while filming a racy music video on a private jet for her hit song Toxic.

In 2004, Lindsay Lohan tried to show the challenging life as a celebrity by having the paparazzi chase her in her music video before she boarded a private jet.

In her music video for Fly, there’s candid shots of Hilary Duff as she tours the country, which includes flying by a high-class private jet.

Future shot most of his music video for Side Effects while traveling in his private jet and a Rolls Royce for an easy way to display his wealth to his fans.

This group made an impression while performing on a private jet and showing the thrill of flying in the air.

Curren$y’s first hit single showed the rapper partying in a jet hanger before boarding a private plane with his friends.

For the ultimate party seen with plenty of people packed in a small private jet, Seether filmed their music video with plenty of girls and champagne.

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