Introducing XO Reserve Membership

XO has just launched XO Reserve, private jet membership that offers priority access without the limits and restrictions tied to jet cards and fractional aircraft ownership. With minimum commitment, maximum benefits, and no limits, XO Reserve now stands out as the premier alternative to jet card and fractional ownership.

This is because XO Reserve is an asset-light solution that allows you to instantly book private aircraft and seats through XO —  the world’s largest aviation marketplace.  XO Reserve gives you priority access to a phenomenal breadth of more than 2400 aircraft encompassing all cabin sizes, including the Vista Members’ fleet of more than 360 super-midsize, long-range, and super-long-range aircraft.

XO Reserve Membership comes with no risk, as any unused portion of your $250,000 deposit is fully refundable. XO lets you fly beyond what other products offer and replaces their limits with benefits. One of the most exceptional benefits of XO Reserve Membership is the 2% loyalty credit you earn with every flight you book. As a result, XO Reserve Membership can pay for itself almost immediately.

Consider the many advantages of XO Reserve over old jet card and fractional alternatives and enjoy the luxury of private flying with no limits:


  • XO Reserve is an asset-light solution free from ownership limitations. 
  • Members are not limited in aircraft choice or accessibility.  
  • Receive a 2% loyalty credit every time you fly. 
  • Enjoy unparalleled service on the ground and in flight
  • Book through your dedicated service team or seamlessly through the  XO mobile app
  • Receive exclusive private travel benefits and event invitations from XO’s curated portfolio of Brand Partners
  • Access to the largest aviation Marketplace, including the unrivaled Vista Members’ fleet with  the largest fleet of
  • Bombardier and Gulfstream aircraft available for charter, and more than XX Global 7500s.
  • Receive exclusive private travel benefits and event invitations from XO’s curated portfolio of Brand Partners.

“ A lot of people say they have a fleet, but XO’s fleet is always a better experience —  truly better planes, better rates, and easiest to book. XO is unique because it offers the app, plus the full service of aviation experts 24/7.”  — Aram Rapapport, Filmmaker, Creator of The Boathouse Agency and XO Reserve Member


To learn more and take advantage of our limited-time $1,000 promotional credit: