Revolutionizing private jet chartering: XO innovation takes flight

XO Members earn Loyalty Credit from their very first flight

In the world of private jet chartering, long synonymous with luxury and exclusivity, XO is leading the way with its innovative approach. Using technology to combine AI, data management, and personalized services, XO is enabling more people to access and enjoy private flying on luxury jet charters.

A leading private aviation platform, and the largest digital aviation marketplace in the industry, XO is redefining the private jet experience. Here are some of the ways in which XO is driving a transformation into the open future of private aviation:

1. Harnessing a private aviation platform that provides efficiency solutions

Using AI and data management, XO created an intuitive mobile app that provides users with an immediate view of aircraft availability and pricing across a digital aviation marketplace of 2,100 safety-vetted aircraft encompassing all cabin classes. plus 300+ aircraft from the Vista Members' fleet. This enables instant, efficient, and transparent booking of private aircraft.

Powered by AI, XO advanced data analytics optimize flight routes and aircraft utilization. A seamless user interface allows XO clients and Members more convenience and control. Private flyers can immediately choose their preferred aircraft, customize private flying trips, and access exclusive offers. 

2. Offering flexible membership options: A premier alternative to jet cards and fractional private jet ownership

XO offers flexible Membership options with different pricing models that can be more beneficial than jet cards or fractional ownership and offer more value. Clients can choose the Membership plan that best suits their needs and budget without compromising on personal services or quality. With this approach, XO is democratizing the private jet experience and attracting more travelers to the private flying industry.

3. Delivering Exceptional Personal Service

XO uniquely combines data management solutions with distinct, elevated service to enhance the private flying experience. Exceptional personal service is evident from ground to air, including dedicated aviation experts available day or night and a personalized Client Services team for inflight amenities and ground transportation connections. 

4. Creates Efficiency

XO is committed to developing more efficient solutions. By optimizing flight paths and minimizing empty legs with its data management systems, the company can arrange flights with greater efficiency.

According to Vinay Roy, Chief Product Officer for XO parent company, Vista : "As the world's largest global private aviation marketplace, XO will continue to define the future of air mobility by making private aviation more transparent, efficient, and accessible for our clients and Members."

XO Global LLC is not a direct air carrier and does not operate any aircraft. All flights will be operated by properly licensed U.S. or foreign air carriers.  All services are subject to the terms and conditions available at Fla. Seller of Travel Ref. No. ST42114.