Key Events Where You'll Appreciate the Luxury of Private Flights

Flying commercial comes with its challenges: uncertain takeoff and landing times, long lines within the terminal as you wait for security and the frustration of wrestling luggage through a massive airport. When you book private flight options, you're able to enjoy every moment of your activities before you are whisked away to and from your destination.

This is particularly important when you're experiencing a key sporting activity or other event, as private jet membership ensures you will not be waiting around for others when the event is over. See some key events and how taking the time to book private flight options will add convenience and luxury to your next trip.

Enjoy Every Minute of Derby Day

Even though Kentucky is a centrally-located state, it can be challenging to get to the Kentucky Derby area itself. The Kentucky Derby is well known to be a Mecca of great fashion, starting with the amazing oversized hats for the ladies and springtime styles for the men.

While there is an airport that is less than 10 minutes away from the Kentucky Derby, it can be a real challenge to enjoy the full impact of Derby Day if you're shuffling through an overcrowded airport while wearing your fashionable gear. Fortunately, it's simple to book a private flight directly to the Louisville International Airport where you will be greeted by our Ground Staff who will ensure that all your needs are met.

Avoid Super Bowl After-Parties

Every year, people flock to one particular location in a special Sunday in February to watch The Big Game: the Super Bowl. With over 100,000 individuals in the stadium and many more partying in the streets before, during, and after the event, private jet membership allows you to avoid the crush while still getting to the game on time.

It could be challenging to find a commercial flight leaving after the Super Bowl, but you can easily book a private flight that provides you additional flexibility -- while avoiding the boisterous after-party events that are likely occurring on commercial flights.

Arrive at Awards Events in Style

Getting to festivals and award events can be a struggle, especially when you're traveling to Cannes for the annual Film Festival. By far the easiest option to visit the annual film viewing event is to book a private flight, where you are guaranteed the penultimate in privacy and luxury.

The traditional airport entrance points for the Golden Globes and Cannes are likely to be mobbed by paparazzi, but entering through a private terminal allows you to skip the hassle and simply enjoy the trip. Once the event is over, you will appreciate the peace of a private flight where you can decompress after a memorable activity.

Why spend your time in a dirty, overcrowded commercial airport terminal when you can travel in luxury and style? At XO, we provide you with the secure and luxurious flight experience you have come to expect from your travel. Book your next flight online today or through our XO mobile app.

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