Meet the fleet

At XO, we know that our members have needs that go beyond the ordinary.  That’s why the private jet fleet offers access to 115 group-owned jets and more than 2,100 aircraft globally.

The dedicated fleet is dedicated to you 

The multi-billion-dollar fleet includes 115 group-owned aircraft, including the celebrated Challenger 300 and the Citation X. What’s more, because XO is part of Vista Global Holding, we provide access to VistaJet’s iconic fleet of over 70 large cabin Challenger and Global private jets, which are marked by elegant interiors that boast sleek in-flight offices, and a home away from home environment.  

Beyond our group-owned fleet 

Because our XO community requires global flexibility at a moment’s notice, we have built a safety-vetted XO Preferred Operator Network, offering access to over 2,100 aircraft globally, covering the full spectrum of cabin classes. 

This fleet is available through our Aviation Advisors, who are available 24/7, or our mobile app, which is similarly at your fingertips.  At XO, we like to say “why just meet expectations, when you can go beyond them?”  Between the unparalleled private jet fleet and our unrivaled commitment to service, that’s the standard we set for our members every day.

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