The Newest Michelin Star Restaurants in America

Gaining your first Michelin Star is something that chefs look forward to for years -- or even decades. A Michelin Star (or three!) are considered one of the ultimate indications of quality in the culinary world. The Michelin Guide has been published since 1900, and the way that Michelin Stars are added or lost by a restaurant is top secret. With only approximately 120 inspectors in the world, these individuals visit hundreds of restaurants each year to determine whether or not the precious star should be awarded within the guide.

There are a variety of factors that go into the overall inspection, including the service, location and decor as well as the food. The accolade is so rare that there are only 15 restaurants in the U.S. that have attained the elusive third Michelin Star. What is consistent is that you can expect to enjoy the very best at these top Michelin Starred restaurants in America.

Eligibility for Michelin Stars

Before a restaurant is even eligible for a Michelin Star, there are certain points that it's generally regarded that they must attain. A consistency in cultinary techniques, the ability of the chef to imbue the food with their distinct personality, their overall mastery of flavor and techique and the overall experience. There are no guarantees that once one Michelin Star has been awarded, that a second or third is on the way. Training under another MIchelin-Starred chef is one path towards this pinnacle, Chefs who reinvest in their restaurants are more likely to be rewarded with a Michelin Star than those who bank the profits.

The Inn at Little Washington, Washington, VA

Finally gaining its third Michelin Star, The Inn at Little Washington was the first D.C.-area restaurant to merit this important achievement. The chef, Patrick O'Connell, excels at creating farm-to-table masterpieces that are balanced with French-inspired technique that is sure to delight. This balance was praised by the Michelin Guide's director as he noted the technique involved in the delightful dishes enjoyed by the inspector.

Atelier Crenn

The combination of a master chef and pastry chef comes together beautifully with Chef Dominique Crenn and partner Juan Contreras. Their Atelier Crenn gained a third Michelin Star in 2019 after a remodel of the attached bar. With the more relaxed ambiance of the bar and the stunning food and desserts, Atelier Crenn is more of a destination in San Francisco than ever before.


In New York, there are no limit to the number of Michelin-Starred restaurants that you can enjoy, but Torishin provides a little something special. The specialty Yakitori restaurant is unique in the U.S. and has claimed its Michelin Star for the last eight consecutive years. While Yakitori translates directly to grilled chicken, their flavorful skewers have to be tasted to be believed.


Heading to Chicago on business? Don't forget to check out Goosefoot on West Lawrence Avenue. This 30-seat fine dining restaurant boasts an artful blend of French techniques executed with refinement by celebrated chef Chris Nugent. The elaborate multi-course tasting menu is delicate, with liberal usage of small artisan farm products.

These restaurants have been working for years to gain their Michelin Star, and their cuisine certainly represents their dedication to their craft! Visiting these restaurants isn't something that you should leave for a holiday, however. Check out the options for popping into their world by booking a seat on a private jet with XO. Book your flight online today and get ready for your next culinary adventure.

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