The power of "The open future of private aviation"

A diversification strategy is a great method of avoiding the well-known risk of over-concentrated assets and is often brought up when referring to financial portfolios. But when it comes to private flying, spreading yourself all over the map – pun intended – puts you at a significant disadvantage when compared with the benefits of consolidating your activities with XO.

Here are five of the advantages of consolidating your private aviation needs with us.   These benefits are particularly meaningful today when well-publicized challenges to the demands on private aviation have made our membership model all the more relevant.

Ultimate flexibility

If you’re considering an approach that includes fractional ownership, it’s important to keep in mind that these plans typically lock you into a rigid contract that includes non-refundable, upfront capital commitments.

XO’s commitment to flexibility guarantees you full-deposit refundability – with no “use it or lose it” traps - regardless of the amount. Deposit funds can be withdrawn at any time and will never expire. That’s reason enough to consolidate all of your private flying with us.

Access to an unparalleled fleet  

Without question, another requirement of consolidation – beyond the agility and asset-light model that XO provides – is the depth and breadth of the aircraft you have access to on our platform. We connect you to the Vista Members' fleet (formerly the XO Dedicated Fleet) of over 350 aircraft, able to meet all needs related to duration, routing, and passenger requirements.

As you consider who to make your primary partners, it’s important to consider the fact that these aircraft are not tied to specific home base locations. It is a mobile fleet for a mobile world.  Because XO is able to reduce the repositioning requirements, our model for optimal fleet utilization allows XO to pass the savings along to our members.

In addition, our flying community can take advantage of our safety-vetted XO alliance fleet, providing access to more than 2,100 aircraft worldwide, covering light, midsize, super midsize, heavy, and ultra-long range cabin classes for 96% of the globe.

This availability, along with our technology platform, had served our members well during a period when most in the industry were struggling to meet demand.

Technology meets transparency  

XO’s commitment to leveraging technology to democratize the availability and affordability of private aviation is well-recognized and unequaled in the industry. When you make the decision to allow XO to be the centerpiece of your private flying, it is with the confidence and convenience of knowing you can compare options and book flights from our sophisticated yet intuitive mobile app. There is no behind-the-scenes manipulation.

We use AI and machine learning to rapidly process the available alternatives and provide you with the best possible choices. This includes the Vista Members' fleet, the XO alliance fleet, and a marketplace made up of the most respected operators in the world.

At the same time, your mobile app houses your unique flying profile – including your preferences, your past trip information, and all the details of your account. But don’t think for a moment that technology is replacing the importance of human connection; far from it. Our talented and knowledgeable Aviation Advisors are an important part of the XO experience and an active reason as to why so many fly XO. 

More ways to fly 

XO is the innovator in introducing new ways to access the empowering world of private aviation. Not that long ago, your only choice for private flights was to charter an entire jet. Now you can charter that aircraft and tap into the XO community to crowdsource potential passengers to fill the seats you don’t need. You can also purchase individual seats on select XO flights. 

In addition, we have a suite of membership tiers that were carefully constructed – again with flexibility in mind – around the current and anticipated needs of private flyers. You never pay for more than you need or get less than you expect.

Loyalty Credits and rewards

The more you consolidate your private flying with XO, the more you are able to take advantage of the Loyalty Credits that extend beyond XO to the VistaJet and Talon fleets. XO is part of Vista Global Holding, which is the world’s first private aviation ecosystem, completing more than 75,000 flights and moving over 160,000 passengers annually. 

Our members consist of a range of unique individuals, all linked by a passion for innovation, world-changing ideas, and a commitment to disrupting the status quo. At XO, we share that vision and invite those who appreciate the value of private aviation to let us manage that part of your busy life.

XO Global LLC is not a direct air carrier and does not operate any aircraft. All flights will be operated by properly licensed US or foreign air carriers. Membership is subject to the terms of the applicable Access Membership Agreement.