Choosing The Ideal Private Jet for Your Journey

Feb 28, 2024

While planning your private jet travel, one of the key components is choosing the ideal private jet to suit your needs. When it comes to luxury private jet travel, selecting the proper aircraft is far from “one size fits all.” With everything from light jets to ultra-long-range cabins available, there are many avenues to explore. Let’s explore the ins and outs of each type of cabin class and their advantages in the below private jet booking guide.

Factors To Consider 

Traveling private affords travelers increased flexibility and convenience when compared with commercial flying, but the myriad of choices can also be overwhelming to some. When booking your private travel, key factors to consider are the number of people in your party and the distance to your destination. Each of these is essential to knowing what type of business jet works for you.

Private Jets by Class 

There are five main types or categories of private jet: light, midsize, super midsize, large cabin, and ultra-long-range, each designed to fit specific travel requirements.

Light Jets

Light jets are the typical “executive jet,” offering a cost-effective solution for those who prioritize speed and flexibility. They are the best private jet for short flights, designed for business travelers who need to do regular city-to-city hops like New York to D.C. or Boston to Atlanta. Light jets have a range of about 700 – 2,000 miles and can seat up to seven passengers. The Citation Ultra, part of the Vista Members’ fleet, is outfitted with all-leather seats, so private travelers can relax in maximum comfort.

Midsize Jets 

Midsize jets are designed for up to eight private flyers to travel in comfort. They have a top speed of about 575 mph and a range of about 1,786 – 2,600 miles. The most prominent jet in this category is the Hawker 800XP, with the largest cabin in its class, featuring a six-foot-wide cabin and flat floor.

Super Midsize Jets 

This is a very popular class of private jet, ideal for intermediate to large groups of passengers. They have been designed to be a very fast and cost-effective way to fly between routes in the 3,500 – 4,000-mile range. This makes them ideal for flights such as from Boston to LA or Seattle to Tampa. Super Midsize jets can accommodate up to nine passengers and are very fast. In fact, the most popular private jet in this category, the Citation X, is known as the fastest cross-continental private jet for business in the world. Other notable aircraft in this category include the Challenger 604 and the Challenger 300, which  provides passengers with one of the quietest cabins in private aviation, as well as more space than any other private aircraft in its class.

Large Cabin Jets 

Large cabin jets are designed for flyers that tend to fly with large groups of passengers, comfortable seating up to 14 people. If you wish to fly internationally or coast-to-coast nonstop, or just desire the ultimate in comfort and luxury, this is the business aircraft for you. Heavy jets can achieve speeds of nearly 650mph, and have more than a 5,000-mile range. A heavy jet can fly non-stop from New York to  Paris or Los Angeles to Moscow. The most popular private aircraft in this category are the Gulfstream G450 and Gulfstream GIV-SP, which is powered by two immense Rolls Royce engines. The Gulfstream GIV-SP has consistently been the private jet of choice for nine of the top ten Fortune 500 companies.  

Ultra-Long-Range Aircraft 

The best private aircraft for non-stop intercontinental private flights, ultra-long-range private jets feature flexible cabin configurations with separate sections for conducting business, dining, entertainment, and in some cases, sleeping. A maximum of 14 passengers can enjoy the spacious aircraft in this cabin class. Notable private jets in this segment include the Gulfstream GV, Global 6000, and the Global 7500, the largest and longest-range business jet. It was recently announced that Vista is bringing this state-of-the-art aircraft to the US for the first time, making it the only company to offer the Global 7500 in the United States.

This private jet provides unbeatable global connectivity and up to 17 hours of non-stop flight time, meaning it allows for more efficient travel between high-demand routes including the US West Coast to Asia, and New York to Tokyo, the Caribbean, Rio, or Dubai.

Choosing A Cabin Class 

It is important for private flyers to understand the differences between these categories when booking a private getaway, as well as have access to different cabin classes in case their needs change. Companies like XO are fantastic options that suit diverse private travel needs. 

Part of Vista, the world’s leading global private aviation group covering 96% of the world, XO offers access to the most extensive fleet in the industry through its premier private aviation network, including the Vista Members’ fleet of over 300 super-midsize to ultra-long-range aircraft and 18 Global 7500 jets.

Charter your first flight through XO and enjoy seamless, personalized service day or night. Our team can help you find the best private jet for all of your travel needs.