How to save with XO

How to save with XO


For those who are looking to enjoy the elevated private aviation experience at a lower cost, we wanted to highlight the unique ways that anyone can save when booking flights with XO.

Book and share your private charter
When booking private charter flights with an XO Aviation Advisor, you can offer up unoccupied seats to fellow flyers and earn credits for future flights.

Join a shared flight
Anyone can book individual seats on existing shared flights ‒ either crowdfunded or scheduled and confirmed by XO. We have extended our schedule of confirmed shared flights between New York and South Florida for travel through November 1, 2020 ‒ use XO’s mobile app or website to browse pricing and availability and book instantly.

Create your own shared flight
Initiate your own shared flights around the world instantly with just a tap or a click. Depending on your preference, you can allow others to crowdfund the flight, or purchase the minimum required number of seats yourself to guarantee the flight.

What’s more, XO Members receive special benefits on shared flights ‒ including waived service fees, pricing caps, priority boarding, preferred choice of seats, and the ability to book seats for unaccompanied non-members.

To learn more about this post, our Membership Programs, or some of our top flight routes such as Ibiza to Palma de Mallorca, Tel Aviv to Geneva, or Dublin to Amsterdam, please feel free to contact our team:

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* Shared flights are confirmed pending the purchase of the minimum required threshold of seats. For crowdfunded flights, if the minimum threshold of seats has not been purchased 72 hours prior to departure, XO will notify all booked passengers, and no one will be charged. 

** Shared flight benefits vary by XO Membership tier. Signature Access and Elite Access Members are exclusively eligible for a $600/hour per seat pricing cap on XO-initiated shared flights, priority boarding, preferred choice of seats, and the ability to book seats on shared flights for unaccompanied non-members.

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