The Ultimate Private Jet Travel Accessories Packing Guide

Planning a trip can be a hassle, but XO takes the stress out of flying from the ground to the clouds. If you’re not sure what to pack on your next flight, let us suggest a few of our favorite luxury travel items to make your journey even more relaxing. These eight accessories will make your life easier as you enjoy your flight, no matter how long it is.

Victorinox Spectra 2.0 Luggage

The Spectra 2.0 is a hard-shell luggage collection made for travelers that want to keep everything safe and sound. The front compartments are ideal for storing your laptop, tablet, and any valuables. The built-in hanger and padded compression straps keep your garments looking fresh the entire way. Best of all, it all includes a free tracking program that helps you find your luggage should you lose it.

Burberry Zip-Up Hoodie

When you’re on a flight, comfort is more important than anything else. That’s why this Burberry Embroidered Logo Zip-Up Hoodie is perfect for flying. Made of 75% cotton, it’ll keep you nice and warm in the cool airplane cabin but can easily unzip as you arrive in a warmer climate. For longer flights, a pair of Comrad compression socks will help keep circulation in your feet as you stay seated for a long time.

Anatomie Travel Pant

Sorry gentlemen, this one is exclusively for the ladies. The Anatomie Skyler Travel Pant is the travel staple you didn’t know you needed. The unique, lightweight material keeps you comfortable all flight (and all trip) long. Complete an entire travel uniform with several Anatomie pieces that easily condense into a single packing cube.

Bose Noise Canceling Headphones

No flyer can travel without a pair of nice headphones. Bose Noise Canceling Headphones block out all distractions so you can listen to your music or even an audiobook in peace. Bose premium headphones are also built for comfort, which makes them perfect for extended overseas flights.

Slipsilk Sleep Mask

Slipsilk’s luxury sleep masks are made of the finest materials that stay dry even as you sleep, leaving your skin fully hydrated. Since they’re made of pure silk, they are extremely comfortable. You will barely even notice you’re wearing one! You’ll be able to rest up during your luxury flight so that you arrive at your destination energized and ready to go.

Hästens Travel Pillow

The best pillow to use while traveling is one similar to the pillow you sleep with at home. Hästens Travel Pillow stays compact and is easily packed in any carry-on bag until you unzip the middle. It opens up and expands into a luxurious, comfortable pillow as large and fluffy as the one you have in your bedroom.

Love Cashmere’s Travel Blanket

Airplanes can get quite cold inside the cabin, but you don’t want to dress too heavily when you’re traveling somewhere tropical and warm. Love Cashmere’s Travel Blanket is hand-made from 100% cashmere and is the perfect solution. It’s lightweight and will keep you warm no matter where you are.

Dunhill Boston Holdall Bag

Your carry-on bag needs to be light enough to transport and pack into an overhead compartment easily, but large enough to store all your great travel accessories. Dunhill’s Boston Holdall bag is just what you need. It has a stylish leather trim with adjustable shoulder straps, an ID tag, and even a padlock key holder. Inside, there are plenty of padded zip pockets to store anything you need to bring onto the plane with you.

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