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Los Angeles to New York

Are you planning a trip from LA to NY?

Flying from Los Angeles to New York for business or leisure? If so, why not opt for a private jet? After all, nothing beats the convenience and luxury of hopping on a private jet plane that will swiftly transport you to the Big Apple.

Not only is a private jet quicker and more lavish, but you’ll have the opportunity to skip the tedious airport queues and can benefit from exclusive advantages including personal flight attendants, plenty of luggage space, and entertaining multimedia facilities.

Whether you’re flying from LA to New York for business or pleasure, here at XO we’ve got you covered when it comes to safe, luxurious, and quick private jet services. To learn more about the benefits of chartering a flight with us, keep reading.

What Does a Private Jet Charter From Los Angeles to New York Cost?

Wondering how much our private jet services from Los Angeles to New York costs? Here are the options available.


Low: $6,000

High: $9,000


Low: $7,500

High: $9,750


Low: $10,925

High: $16,925


Low: $15,913

High: $20,867

Starting Your Journey: Choose Your Private Flight

At XO, we understand than when traveling you require access to a variety of different private aviation choices that are ready in an instant.

That’s why we offer three different waysof flying, depending on your specific needs. Whether you’d like to hire an XO private charter to yourself, would prefer an XO shared charter, or are happy to fly by the seat, we’ve got you covered. Let’s have a look at what you can expect from each option.

XO Private Charter Flights

XO Private Charter

Prefer some privacy? Our exclusive charter is our most private and lavish option, offering you complete peace and privacy as you soar across the skies from LA to New York.

As soon as you’re ready to fly, feel free to relax on our on-demand private jet. We offer a beautiful fleet of over 160 private planes, all of which are owned by our group companies.

If you require something different, we can cater to you there too. We have access to a worldwide partner network consisting of over 2,100 jets to help you find your perfect plane.

Aircraft range in cabin classes, from light to long-range options. If you want to discover more about each jet, you can check when booking online or by browsing our handy XO app.

XO Shared Charter

XO Shared Charter

If you’ve been dreaming of flying on a private jet but don’t need to book out a whole aircraft, our shared charter option may be ideal for you. Offset your investment by sharing your charter as you travel from California to New York.

If the extra seats after booked once you start your charter, you’ll instantly receive flight credits to use on future charter flights, extra seats, and other enticing benefits.

Fly By The Seat

Fly By The Seat

Our third route is our handy fly by the seat option. If you’re flying with just a few people from LA to NY, then you can save even more when you opt to fly by the seat.

Learn how this option works by logging onto our XO app. From there you can look for flights that are traveling from Los Angeles to New York within your desired dates. All you need to do next is book a seat on a flight to enjoy a lavish trip flying a private jet for less.

What Makes XO Special?

As many flights travel from Los Angeles to New York every day, you may be left wondering why you should invest in the time and money booking a private aircraft with XO?

We’re here to tell you.

Flexible Booking Options

As mentioned, here at XO we offer three different options of flying with us private jet. Whether you’re flying as part of a lavish celebration, a weeklong holiday with family or you’re traveling solo for a business trip, we’re here to cater to your every need.

Message Center

Use our online scheduling program or our XO app to plan your trip with an aviation advisor who’ll talk you through your options. He or she will help you choose the perfect flight that suits your expectations, budget, dates, and more.

Message Center

Afterward, communicate with our knowledgeable and professional client service members who are on your beck and call 24/7 to assist with any questions and to manage in-air services for your trip. This includes everything from the catering options to the concierge team.

With a communicative service, this allows you to find, amend, and cancel bookings to suit your requirements.

The XO App

Here at XO, we understand that busy travellers are always on the go. That’s why we designed our handy XO App, making it super simple for flyers to book a private fight from anywhere in the world and at their easiest convenience.

Download the app to instantly become part of our XO experience and community. Whatever you need help with our live support team is there to assist.

Membership Plans

Here at XO, we offer membership plans to provide customers with a plethora of perks depending on their travel requirements.

These perks include:

Pay as you go

Learn more about each plan here. You can also view the breakdown of what each plan consists of. With an XO membership, reap the benefits whether you’re planning a new charter flight, selling seats on your private jet journey, or booking seats on another’s flight. Remember, with an XO membership you’ll always have extra options and increased flexibility.

You’ll even have direct access to some of our most affordable charter trips.

Flying Out of Los Angeles

Los Angeles is home to many airports, but not all of them accommodate private jets. For traveling via business jets and private charter, you’ll need to travel from one of the following:

The leading airports for private charter flights and business jets include:

Van Nuys Airport


Hollywood Burbank Airport


Santa Monica Municipal Airport


Los Angeles International Airport


Long Beach Airport


LA/Ontario International Airport


John Wayne Airport


Flying Into New York

New York is full of many excellent airports, but not all assist with private jet charters. Here are the airports you can choose from:

Teterboro Airport


Long Island MacArthur Airport


Republic Airport (Farmington)


Westchester County Airport (White Plains)


Where to Eat in New York

New York is a foodie’s hub, filled with world-class dining opportunities and restaurants. From fine dining in some of the globe’s most renowned restaurants to budget-friendly café bites, New York has you covered. Some restaurants of note include:

Le Coucou

Mercado Little Spain

The Four Horsemen





Polo Bar



Where to Stay in New York

Once you depart your private jet, you’ll want to rest in accommodation that’s comfortable, plush, and convenient. As one of the most visited cities in the world, New York is full of top-notch hotels. Here are some of our recommended choices that are perfect whether you’re traveling to the Big Apple for a business trip or whether you’re venturing the city on holiday.

The Lowell

The Peninsula New York

1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

The High Line Hotel

The Surrey

Lotte New York Palace

Baccarat Hotel

Park Hyatt New York

The Mark

1 Hotel Central Park

What to Do in New York

As one of the world’s most popular cities to visit, New York has no shortage of famous attractions and landmarks to visit. With a fast pace of life, you’ll be kept busy in the city that never sleeps. Here are some of the top things to do and see in the Big Apple.

Take a charter boat to visit the Statue of Liberty

Walkthrough Central Park

Soak in the lights of Times Square

Admire views of the city from the Empire State Building

Stroll across Brooklyn Bridge

Enjoy a Broadway Show

Explore the Rockefeller Center

Visit The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Pay your respects at the 9/11 memorial

Sample delicious Asian food in Chinatown

While visiting New York, you must try some of the city’s premium luxury activities, such as:

Indulge at a quality spa such as The Mandarin Oriental

Have lunch at Eleven Madison Park

Watching a game at the Yankee Stadium

Rent a yacht and cruise the waters

Embark on a Shopping Spree at Bergdorf Goodman

Admire sweeping views of the city from The Top Of The Standard

Sample Bellissima Pizza At Ninos

Dine at the celebrities’ favorite hangout Bar Pitti

Enjoy bottle service at Marquee nightlife

Take a helicopter tour of the city

The Weather in New York

Lying on the coast, New York embraces cold winters and hot winters, so be sure to pack appropriately depending on the time of year you travel.


The winter months are blustery and often snowy, with short days. However, the sky is usually bright, sunny, and clear. Springtime welcomes plenty of pretty flowers, along with gentle winds and a scattering of rain. The temperatures usually range from pleasant and cool to quite warm.

Summer brings bright, sunny, and hot days, with later sunsets and early mornings. By the water, you may be able to cool off with the pleasant breezes.

Finally, in the fall it’s crisp and chilly, so remember to wrap up warm and bring lots of layers.

Travel From Los Angeles to New York in Style

When embarking on a journey from LA to New York, a journey in one of our private jets is all part of the fun. We have plenty of luxurious private aircrafts ready to soar you to the Big Apple in style.

We guarantee a world-class flight experience that you’ll hold in your memories for years to come. With hard-working and professional staff based in offices across the United States, Europe, and the Middle East, we’re always on hand to assist.

Ready to fly? Contact us today to learn more about our private charter flights and how we operate.

Happy flying!