New York to Dallas

Are you planning to travel to Dallas?

Have you ever considered a private jet charter to Dallas from New York? If not, it’s time to learn more about the advantages.

For starters, did you know that between 350,000 and 400,000 private flights crisscross parts of the United States each month? A significant portion of this figure falls within the chartered flight category and with good reason.

Flying on a private jet is becoming more economical every day, and it comes with countless advantages. For one, you can avoid the hassle of commercial flying and concerns about exposure to large crowds that may carry contagious illnesses.

You also avoid long wait times in security lines because chartered flights come with the flexibility of flying into smaller airports. After all, there are more than 5,000 public airports in America, yet only about 500 of them receive regular commercial service.

To avoid crowds, germs, and security hassles, now’s the perfect time to rent a private jet.

Why Visit Dallas?

Everything about Dallas is larger than life, which makes it the epitome of all that the Lone Star state has to offer. From the Bishop Arts District to the Margarita Mile, there’s something for everyone in this eclectic, lively city.

You’ll find plenty of places to purchase the perfect souvenirs, and luxury brands like Neiman Marcus have long made the city their home. From the Dallas Galleria to North Park Center and the shops at Highland Park Village, there’s no reason to leave Dallas empty-handed.

You’ll also find plenty of excuses to play if you’re a sports aficionado. After all, the city’s home to the famed Dallas Cowboys, one of America’s most beloved NFL teams. Depending on the season, you can even catch them playing at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington.

If you’re on a family vacation, you’ll also find plenty to love. There are endless kid-friendly attractions, including the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. Your kids will love its earthquake simulator, towering dinosaur bones, and other fun attractions.

The Dallas Zoo will captivate your kids while teaching them to love and protect wildlife from all over the planet. Don’t miss out on a trip through the 11-acre safari exhibit. You can even feed giraffes, which makes for unforgettable family photos.

Dallas also contains a thriving arts scene. On just about every street corner, you’ll see examples of the city’s creative spirit. Looking for a more cultivated, fine art experience? Head to the Dallas Museum of Art to get an eyeful of Van Gogh, Warhol, Picasso, and more.

If you’re looking to do a little adulting, nothing beats a trip to Margarita Mile. Dallas prides itself as the birthplace of the frozen margarita machine. This history comes to tasty life during an exploration of the city’s curated collection of the best margaritas in Texas.

Dallas also contains a thrilling nightlife with plenty of action. From gastropubs to breweries and distilleries, you’ll find plenty of places to savor delicious eats and cocktail treats.

Now that you know what to do once you reach Dallas, let’s explore what you can expect from a chartered flight.

Fly Your Way

XO Private Charter

While some commercial airlines claim to help you fly your way, they offer little choice beyond coach, business, and first-class. When it comes to charter jets Dallas, however, you have a wide array of options that ensure an affordable, comfortable flight every time.

Chartered flights let you choose everything from which airport you really want to fly into (rather than those dictated to you by commercial carriers) to the type of airplane that you’d like to take.

For example, when you fly with XO, you get three travel options based on your budget and needs. They include classic, premium, and luxe options.

The Choice Is Yours

XO Shared Charter

Classic flights come with aircraft options. You can choose between turboprops and heavy jets based on the size of your party and personalized travel wishes. No matter which plane you prefer, you can rest assured it’s thoroughly vetted and verified.

Premium aircraft include light jets and ultra-long-range planes. That means no more long layovers or red-eyes. (Unless you’d prefer a nighttime flight.) These aircraft all boast modern cabins with WiFi.

Finally, luxe flights deliver the ultimate in comfort and convenience. You’ll enjoy the best amenities, food, and service that chartered flights offer. In other words, prepare to be pampered by a private flight attendant, high-end catering, wifi, and endless luxury.

You’ll also enjoy the comfort of ultramodern planes ranging from super-midsize jets to ultra-long-range planes.

Once you fly private, you’ll never want to go commercial again. So, be prepared to be spoiled.

Saving Time and Money

Fly By The Seat

Many people assume that only media moguls and top-billing celebrities can afford private flights. But tickets for these planes prove more affordable than you probably realize. Especially when you factor in all of the ways you’ll save both money and time.

For example, how long will it take you to make your way through a massive international airport to get on a commercial flight to Dallas? How much will you spend on the cab ride to and from the airport? Will you need to rent a car to reach your ultimate destination?

How much extra time will it take for you to get through the TSA line? How much does that valuable time mean to you? Will you need to take a connecting flight from a major airport to reach a small destination in the Dallas area?

Remember that you book chartered flights at your convenience. And you can fly into countless small airports located in and near the Dallas area.

Flying Into Dallas

Airports in and near Dallas include:



Dallas Love Field


Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport


Fort Worth Meacham International Airport


As you can see, you’ve got many options when it comes to getting to and near Dallas. Why fly into Dallas Fort Worth International Airport when you can enjoy the relative calm and ease of coming into one of these smaller airports?

You can count on private jet rentals Dallas to pamper you during each leg of your flight. You’ll know you’re heading into small airports where customers are more than nameless, faceless members of the crowd.

Private Jet Charter Dallas

When it comes to a private jet charter to Dallas, the benefits far outweigh any savings you might hope to gain by suffering through a commercial flight. A chartered plane provides you with far more options when it comes to how you fly and with whom.

You also have the benefit of choosing when you fly and where. After all, commercial flights service a surpassingly small number of airports across the United States. Flying into these vast international hubs is not only a hassle but could still leave you far from your final destination.

When you take a Dallas private jet, however, you have a more extensive selection of private airports, which means less transit time in cabs or rental cars. Coupled with economization practices such as sharing chartered flights, you’ll be amazed by the reasonable ticket prices.

Yet, you’ll still enjoy superior service and all of the conveniences that have become synonymous with private flights. Ready to book your first chartered trip? Contact us to get started.

Happy flying!