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Newcastle upon Tyne, situated on the Tyne River, was a central industrial hub during the Industrial Revolution and remains a center for business today. It received its name from William the Conqueror, who told his son in 1080 to build him a "New Castle" on the site of an old Roman fort (which had been built as part of Hadrian's Wall during ancient times). The castle still stands today, and along with the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, is still the most popular attraction in the city to date. Some of the most famous landmarks in the city are bridges crossing the Tyne, including the Tyne Bridge, which dates back to 1928 (and at the time was the largest arch bridge in the world), as well as the Millenium Bridge, known as the "Winking Eye Bridge" for its unique shape and ability to tilt in order to let ships pass through. The city also features several notable museums, including the Discovery Museum (dedicated to machines), the Great North Museum: Hancock (known for its natural history and ethnology), and the Laing Art Gallery, known for its paintings and sculptures.

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