Are you planning to travel in a private jet to Tunis?

The capital of Tunisia, Tunis, sits just inland of the Gulf of Tunis in the Mediterranean Sea. This was the ancient Empire of Carthage, and various ruins are still dating back to the first millennium BC. The city's medina (old town) is comprised of alleyways filled with souks (markets), mosques, mausoleums, and more. The National Bardo Museum holds one of the world's most renowned mosaic art collections. At the same time, the New Town was developed during the French colonial era and featured various architectural styles, from the Neo-Romanesque St. Vincent de Paul Cathedral to grand European government buildings. The nearby seaside neighborhood of Sidi Bou Said is known for its serene white and blue streets and cliffside cafes.

Flying Into Tunis

Regardless of the specific kind of private flight to Tunis you choose, there are a few different airports in Tunis that will accommodate your choice

Sidi Ahmed Air Base
Borj El Amri

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