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Lenin's mausoleum, located in Red Square, is a fascinating place to tour while in Moscow. Rather than a burial, the founder of the Soviet Union's body was embalmed and placed in a glass sarcophagus, and thousands went to see him every day. His body is still on display there now, as the embalming process has proven effective. Furthermore, Soviet leaders used to stand on top of the mausoleum during military parades and ceremonial events, so there is historical significance both within and outside the building.

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Are you planning to travel in a private jet from Moscow to Genoa?

The San Lorenzo Cathedral, built in 1118, resembles the Florence Cathedral on the exterior but is absolutely unique on the inside. Pink marble columns frame the altar, while frescoes decorate the ceiling and beautiful paintings adorn the walls; highly recommended while visiting Genoa.

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There are many misconceptions regarding the cost to fly private. Easily, chartering makes more economic sense than ownership. But beyond that, XO's innovation is opening avenues that make private air travel even more economically feasible, from empty legs to shared charter flights.

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