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Nice was home to Henri Matisse, who called the city his home for over 40 years. One of the most important French artists, the Musée Matisse houses one of the most extensive collections of the artist's works, including paintings, drawings, sculptures, and paper cut-outs. Highlights include the Tempête à Nice, Le Serf, Nature morte aux grenades, the incomparable Fleurs et fruits, and more.

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The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Krasnodar is known to be the most exquisite in the region. A beautiful white building with five golden domes, it was built in the Florentine style to glorify Nevsky, one of the greatest generals during the times of the Kieran Rus. The inside of the cathedral is beautiful as well, with high vaults and a painted ceiling decorated with blue ornaments. The original building, constructed in 1853, was destroyed and later restored to its original grandeur in 2003.

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