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Are you planning to travel in a private jet from Moscow to Phuket?

Karon View Point is the most popular vantage point in all of Phuket, as you can see all the major beaches from one spot. These include the Andaman Sea in one direction and the three most popular west-coast beaches in the other, with beautiful blue waters all around.

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A private flight with XO allows you to choose everything from your catering options to your flight time so that you can arrive at Phuket's paradise without a care in the world.

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Are you planning to travel in a private jet from Phuket to Moscow?

The Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve is a palace museum and park reserve that was originally built for Empress Catherine The Great (but was never fully completed during her life - only in the 2000s was it completed according to the original plan). Today it can be visited and appreciated, from the gardens and ponds to the more than 20 buildings (many of which feature freemasonry symbols that were never solved) and the Big Palace.

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A private flight with XO to Moscow offers you endless convenience, from your choice of aircraft and flight time to your catering options, while enjoying unparalleled luxury in the sky.

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