Artist Romero Britto Debuts New Graffiti Collection Exclusively to the XO Community

Dec 1, 2023

Beginning December 1, XO Members and clients traveling privately through Palm Beach can experience an unprecedented fusion of art and travel in the first-ever private airport lounge takeover by world-renowned artist, Romero Britto. A Member of XO, Britto has chosen to debut work from his new Graffiti Collection at the XO Lounge at Palm Beach International Airport.

This is a new chapter for Britto, the founder of “Happy Art” and considered the most licensed artist in the world, and an exciting event for XO. Not only will XO showcase and celebrate this innovative global artist and offer a first look at his new creations but XO Members and clients will also have the first opportunity to purchase his work.

Romero Britto paintings, sculptures, and prints are exhibited in over 100 countries and collected by celebrities, politicians, and royalty. Britto's new "Graffiti Collection" draws on the artist’s love of spray-painted color, graffiti, and freehand messages of hope, happiness, and captures the spirit of Britto's iconic street style. This bold, iconic and contemposray style has continued throughout his ever-evolving work. Today Britto works from the largest art studio in the world, an amazing 60,000 square feet of space that he calls The Palace, located in the heart of Miami.

After flying between New York and Miami through XO, Britto became a strong advocate for the brand and recently participated in the “XO Firsts” program – offering a private tour of his Miami studio and hosting a dinner including XO Members prepared by master chef Daniel Boulud at Boulud Sud in Miami.

About XO, Britto says: “I do not have to stress about delays and lines, I am able to reach my destination rested and peacefully. XO has allowed me to jet to where I need to be and use my time wisely. It saves me a lot of time, and we all know time is money.”

About his work, he adds: “I put a lot of hours into my art, and I really love what I do. I love painting and creating. I also love to spend time with friends, and I try my best to be connected with as many artists as possible. I like to share my work with loads of people and the XO community is special and unique.”

Britto’s “Graffiti Exhibit” will be on display at the XO Private Lounge at Palm Beach International Airport throughout the month of December.

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