Important Safety Update

Nothing is more important to us than the safety of our passengers and the pilots, flight attendants, and maintenance crews that support them. This is true all the time, but especially in this period of heightened anxiety due to the coronavirus.

XO and its preferred partners, including XOJET Aviation LLC, have implemented a series of safety steps, precautions, and treatments to improve and help secure the end-to-end XO experience for our flying community. A more comprehensive list of safety procedures can be found here. 

Highlights include:

•          All XOJET Aviation operated Challenger 300 and Citation X aircraft (“XO Aircraft”)  are regularly treated with ClearCabin, an anti-viral, anti-microbial product that prevents germs for up to 90 days.

•          In addition, all XO Aircraft are regularly deep-cleaned by industrial cleaning teams with industry specialization.

•          Before and after each departure and landing, the crews clean and disinfect all hard surfaces, including lavatories sinks, tray tables, handholds, seatbelts, headrests, window shades, armrests, and stair handles.

•          All XOJET Aviation operated Challenger 350 and Global 5000 owned by VistaJet Limited (“VistaJet Aircraft”) are cleaned with the anti-pathogen disinfectant Bacoban after each flight for active infection and bacteria control over an extended period.

•          VistaJet Aircraft undergo full sanitization cycles by approved providers, with further cleaning and treatment carried out as requested by crew following a report of a suspected exposure on board.

•          VistaJet Ltd is working with experts for security and safety advice using both human and AI-driven intelligence, in additional to leading medical support on the ground and in the air.

Health experts have developed procedures to identify passengers who might be infected with the virus, and across all group brands, we are ensuring that the relevant measures are taken.

The benefits of flying private during times of instability have rapidly become a necessity that transcends just convenience and productivity. Secure your membership today and gain access to private charters, shared charters and even “Fly-by-the-Seat" opportunities. We appreciate the confidence you place in us, and our teams are working 24/7 to assure that the skies remain safe for our community.

XO is a foreign air charter broker. It is not a direct air carrier and does not operate any aircraft. All flights will be operated by properly licensed air carriers or foreign air carriers. All services are subject to the terms and conditions available at Fla. Seller of Travel Ref. No. ST42114