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Airports in San Diego

The following is a list of airports servicing private charter flights in this area.

  1. San Diego Intl

    KSAN / SAN


    Signature Flight Support

  2. McClellan - Palomar

    KCRQ / CLD


    Atlantic Aviation

  3. Brown Field Muni

    KSDM / SDM


    San Diego Jet Center

  4. Montgomery Field

    KMYF / MYF


    Crownair Aviation

  5. Gillespie Field

    KSEE / SEE

  6. Ramona


  7. Camp Pendleton MCAS / Munn Field


  8. Miramar MCAS

    KNKX / NKX

  9. Imperial Beach NOLF

    KNRS / NRS

  10. North Island NAS

    KNZY / NZY

  11. Oceanside Muni

    KOKB / OCN

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