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Are you planning to travel in a private jet to St. Louis?

The city of St. Louis sits on the banks of the mighty Mississippi River, which follows much of the border between Missouri and Illinois. Nicknamed the "Gateway to the West", it long served as a hub for settlers moving west thanks to its connections to the country's most significant waterways. Today, St. Louis' iconic Gateway Arch welcomes visitors from all around. Despite being one of the less-populated major cities in the United States, St. Louis and its people have a great reputation. It remains a proud, independent frontier city, with plenty to offer in terms of culture, sporting prowess, and musical influence. If you're planning on visiting for business or pleasure, renting a private jet to St. Louis is the best way to arrive in comfort and style. With the innovative XO platform and access to a vast global network of private aircraft, we can cater to your travel needs and wants wherever you're flying from.


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Private jet charter routes to and from St. Louis

The extensive private jet fleet that you have access to through XO operates across the US and around the world. The most popular routes we service in and out of St. Louis include:


St. Louis to/from New York

St. Louis to/from Chicago

St. Louis to/from South Florida

St Louis to/from Los Angeles

What private jets can I rent to St. Louis?

Choosing XO to book your private jet rental to St. Louis means you'll benefit from our tailored, on-demand service and access to an extensive global fleet. Every one of these aircraft meets our safety-first standards, ensuring you can fly privately with confidence. For priority access to the exclusive Vista Members' fleet, you'll need to upgrade to an XO Reserve Membership.

We offer a range of cabin classes to meet a variety of business and leisure travel needs, including the following:


  • Light
  • Midsize
  • Super Midsize
  • Large Cabin
  • Ultra-Long Range

Where should I visit while in St. Louis?

If pleasure is your purpose or you've got some downtime between meetings, St. Louis has more than enough to keep you entertained. Before heading back to your private jet, we'd recommend the following sites around the city:


  • The Gateway Arch: Towering above the rest of St. Louis, the Gateway Arch is the standout attraction of the city. At over 600 feet, it's the tallest man-made monument in the US and boasts views of up to 30 miles in either direction on a clear day. It's a symbol of St. Louis' role as the "Gateway to the West". 
  • Saint Louis Zoo: With 16,000 animals and 500 species, there's so much to see and experience at Saint Louis Zoo. You'll have the chance to come face to face with some of the most fascinating creatures on this planet, including giraffes, elephants, polar bears, and gorillas. The institution plays a central role in wildlife conservation and education around the world, which you can support with a visit.
  • Missouri Botanical Garden: Visit one of the best botanical gardens in the world, as well as a National Historic Landmark. Missouri Botanical Garden opened over 160 years ago and has played a vital role in science and conservation, as well as displaying a variety of mesmerizing horticultural displays.
  • Busch Stadium: Home to the St. Louis Cardinals, Busch Stadium hosts Major League Baseball fixtures throughout the season and is one of the great features of the city skyline. The Cardinals is one of the most successful baseball franchises of all time, second only to the Yankees in World Series titles.

Where's best to eat and sleep in St. Louis?

St. Louis is famous for its divine barbecue food and Italian cuisine, and there are some exceptional establishments to dine at while you're in the city. We'd recommend the following:



After an indulgent meal, settle down for the night in one of St. Louis' premium hotel choices:



Our XO Membership and XO Reserve Members get exclusive access to luxury hotel chains and experiences around the world. Contact us if you'd like to hear more about our member benefits.

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You can count on the XO Client Suniervices team to be there for anything you need before, during, and after your private jet flight to St. Louis. Don't hesitate to get in touch.

Why book private jets through XO?

An unrivaled experience

We do more than just fly you from point A to point B. The XO Experience is premium in every sense of the word.


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Industry-leading fleet

Whether you're renting a private jet to St. Louis or the Bahamas, choosing XO gives you access to a vast global network of over 2,400 private aircraft.


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Private jet rental cost

Renting a private jet means you can fly when and where you need to without the risk and sunk costs associated with ownership.


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Fly private – your way

You don't have to rent a private jet to get the XO Experience, as we also offer empty-leg flights and a selection of Membership options to meet your travel requirements.


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Why consider an XO private jet Membership?

We've got you covered for private jet flights to and from St. Louis, but there's so much more to the XO Experience with one of our private jet memberships. If you fly regularly or often need to travel on short notice, you could benefit from the flexibility and value of one of these packages:

  • XO Shared Membership: The most accessible package for the frequent flyer who doesn't need a private jet to themselves. For $595 per year, you can share flights with other travelers and save on the prices of individual seats.
  • XO Membership: Our standard membership rewards you with lower rates and loyalty credits on every flight you take. For $995 per year, and with a refundable minimum deposit of $100,000, you'll have access to the Vista Members' fleet and a range of other perks. 
  • XO Reserve: With this Membership, you'll benefit from your own Dedicated Aviation Advisor who can assist day or night. And you'll get priority access to the exclusive Vista Members' fleet, as well as up to 4% loyalty credit with every flight. XO Reserve can be yours for the same annual fee as our standard membership and a refundable deposit of $250,000. 


Can't commit to a membership just yet? Don’t worry, you can still rent a private jet to St. Louis as an individual booking if that suits your requirements. Please note, these flights are subject to additional fees and higher hourly rates than our member prices.

If you need any support with booking a private jet, choosing an XO Membership, or anything else, our Client Services team will be more than happy to help. Contact us today.


St. Louis private jet hire FAQs

How much does it cost to rent a private jet in St. Louis?

There's no standard rate for private jet rental in St. Louis because it's dependent on several key factors. These normally include the type of aircraft you need, your group size, the departure and arrival destinations, and any special requirements you're looking for.

For more pricing information, please contact our team.

How long does it take to arrange a charter flight to or from St. Louis?

You can search for and book a private jet charter to or from St. Louis in a matter of seconds on our mobile app. Subject to the availability of aircraft, you can rent a private jet or book individual seats at a time and place that suits you.

If you'd prefer to book with the support of our team, you can speak to one of our Aviation Advisors.

What's the best airport to use for a private jet charter to St. Louis?

St. Louis has a range of international, commercial, and private airports to choose from if you're arriving via private jet flight. The best option is the one that meets your needs, whether that's at Lambert International northwest of the city or Downtown St. Louis, which is closer to the center.

Our Client Services team will accommodate and even arrange your onward travel, so you can meet your commitments as seamlessly as possible.

How do I book a private jet flight to St. Louis?

You can book a private jet to St. Louis on your phone via the XO mobile app, on the XO website, or by speaking to one of our Aviation Advisors. They're available day or night to provide guidance and take your bookings.

Once arranged, our Client Services team will take over. They can handle any requests you have and can answer questions about your flight. If you need something before, during, or after take-off, they'll ensure your wishes are accommodated. Read more about the XO Experience.


Where can I land via private jet in St. Louis?

Regardless of the specific kind of private flight to St Louis you choose, there are a few different airports in St Louis that will accommodate your choice

Lambert Intl
Spirit Of St Louis
St. Louis Downtown
St Louis Regional
Washington Memorial
Festus Meml
Scott AFB / Midamerica
Centralia Muni
Farmington Regional
Perryville Muni
Sparta Community - Hunter
St Charles County Smartt
Sullivan Regional
Vandalia Muni

How's the weather in St. Louis?

St Louis forecast