Private jet from Hong Kong to Tokyo & Back

Hong Kong area airports

Discover airports in Hong Kong and vicinity

  1. Hong Kong Intl

    VHHH / HKG

  2. Sek Kong


Tokyo area airports

Discover airports in Tokyo and vicinity

  1. Tokyo Intl / Haneda

    RJTT / HND

  2. Narita Intl

    RJAA / NRT

  3. Ibaraki

    RJAH / IBR

  4. Kastner AAF


  5. Honda


  6. Atsugi NAF

    RJTA / NJA

  7. Tateyama


  8. Chofu


  9. Iruma


  10. Kisarazu


  11. Shimofusa


  12. Oshima

    RJTO / OIM

  13. Utsunomiya

    RJTU / QUT

  14. Yokota AB

    RJTY / OKO

Popular Routes

  1. Hong Kong to Kawasaki
  2. Hong Kong to Yokohama
  3. Hong Kong to Chiba

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