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Airports in Wichita

The following is a list of airports servicing private charter flights in this area.

  1. Dwight D. Eisenhower Natl

    KICT / ICT


    Signature Flight Support

  2. Colonel James Jabara


  3. Hutchinson Muni

    KHUT / HUT



  4. Newton City - County

    KEWK / EWK

  5. Anthony Muni

    KANY / ANY

  6. Beech Factory

    KBEC / BEC

  7. Cessna Acft Field

    KCEA / CEA

  8. Wellington Muni

    KEGT / EGT

  9. Captain Jack Thomas / El Dorado

    KEQA / EDK

  10. Mc Connell AFB

    KIAB / IAB

  11. Mc Pherson

    KMPR / MPR

  12. Strother Field

    KWLD / WLD

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